Meikle Bin


After dropping Val off at work this morning! I headed for the hills. Meikle Bin on the Campsie Fells! to be exact. My pal Alex G and I had a relatively easy climb to the summit of this conical wee peak. Underfoot conditions were ideal with the ground hard with frost. After getting to the summit we had our lunch on the wing of plane wreck which crashed near the summit 66 years ago in 1950. Then we made our descent back to the Carron Valley Dam then drove back over the “Tak ma doon” road and headed for home!

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Return to Tinto

On Tintock tap, there is a mist,
And in that mist, there is a kist,
And in that kist, there is a cup,
And in that cup, there is a drap.
Tak’ up that cup, and drink that drap, that’s in yon kist, on Tintock tap!

I recently revisited Tinto Hill for the umpteenth time. ¬†It was a lovely day up on Lanarkshire’s highest top, however it was a little too busy for me on the ascent up. It’s a much quieter route to the summit from the south side of the hill so will bare that in mind the next time I decide to go to Tinto.

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I plan to do some wild camping next year and maybe try a winter camp before this year is out!  However I intend to upgrade my tent . Im thinking a of getting the Vango Banshee 200.

These are my currents tents which are fine but really lack the quality I’m looking for!

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The Three Sisters

Proud and rapturous are my family of mountains,
Always inspiring.
Their sun kissed,boulder strewn peaks entice me
and invite me,
from the Lochs and the Rivers on the Moors and glens below.
They lure me, they entrap me, they delight me.

Dark and brooding are my family of mountains,
many are haunted
Their wind swept,thunder clapped peaks float upon a sea
of swirling mist
that smothers the sombre weeping glen below.
They wail, They scream, They kill
They sometimes scare me.

A M Hutton


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Doon the Clyde

imageThe Falls of Clyde

I recently visited the River Clyde. Not in a fishing capacity though as I just went for walk down by the falls of Clyde to try shake off a recent sciatica attack and try to get some pics as its particularly nice down there at this time of year with all the Autumn colours at their best just now. I started the walk from the conservation village of New Lanark and walked along the Clyde walkway up to Bonnington Linn then walked back down the other side for a mile or so where I brewed up a hot drink before retracing my steps back to my starting point.
I intend to get back down there again soon once we’ve had a great spell of rain to see the falls in all their gushing glory!


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Hillend loch & Lily loch.

I haven’t  been out on the hills recently ,however I’ve been out and about flyfishing in and around the Hillend Loch and the Lily Loch. The area around these two local lochs is ideal for a very pleasant stroll and if one is fortunate enough to be there when the lighting conditions are correct then it can be surprisingly picturesque especially for a semi urban enviroment. Here I tried capture the beauty and atmohere of my local flyfishing venures.  


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Pottering about the Pentlands

A couple of weeks ago My two friends WAlex and Willie I had a brilliant day hillwalking in the Pentlands all be it a bitterly cold and windy day.
Views were mixed as the low cloud kept coming and going all day but managed to get a few pics in between the cloud and mist.The views from Allermuir hill were great over the Capital and across the Firth to Fife.It was rather misty when were were on the tops of Capelaw Hill and Harbour Hill. So not many photos from there. Here are just a few of the pics i captured.

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