Hillend loch & Lily loch.

I haven’t  been out on the hills recently ,however I’ve been out and about flyfishing in and around the Hillend Loch and the Lily Loch. The area around these two local lochs is ideal for a very pleasant stroll and if one is fortunate enough to be there when the lighting conditions are correct then it can be surprisingly picturesque especially for a semi urban enviroment. Here I tried capture the beauty and atmohere of my local flyfishing venures.  


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Pottering about the Pentlands

A couple of weeks ago My two friends WAlex and Willie I had a brilliant day hillwalking in the Pentlands all be it a bitterly cold and windy day.
Views were mixed as the low cloud kept coming and going all day but managed to get a few pics in between the cloud and mist.The views from Allermuir hill were great over the Capital and across the Firth to Fife.It was rather misty when were were on the tops of Capelaw Hill and Harbour Hill. So not many photos from there. Here are just a few of the pics i captured.

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Tom Weir In his Own Words

A wee montage I put together as a wee tribute to the wee man wae the wee wooly hat


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The Campsie Fells Podcast

Please have a listen to my first hillwalking podcast. I hope it expresses how passionate I am about the great outdoors.
Do please get in touch by leaving a comment about the podcast.
If it was rubbish tell me it was rubbish and of course if you enjoyed it please do let me know. It would be encouraging to get some feedback.

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Cort Ma law.

My son Allan was too lazy to get out his bed this morning and get himself organized to come hillwalking with me up the Campsies.
So off I went on my own. I parked @ the big carpark on the Crow road which croosses right over the Campsies.There were quite a few cyclist on the road this morning which is no surprise really as I know that hill is a popular challenge for them.
I was soon off up the hill and passing the old shepards hut heading for Cort Ma Law via Lairs and along the boggy intermitent path marked by a few cairns. There was one particular piece of bog which was troublesome to negotiate through but eventially I made it through. The views as always were great although some low clow was making the distant views hazy. There was one particular landmark near Lennoxton which when observed from high up on the Campsies looked pretty much like a blot on the landscape lol.
On a better day I would have seen Glasgow layed out below me but it was too hazy. Further to the east I could make out the three flats @ Holehills , Milton Court and Bartlets factory in my home town Airdrie as well as Cumbernauld and Broadwood etc.
It appeared I had the hills to myself until I was nearing the top of Cort ma law I saw a couple of walkers. On reaching the top it turned out there was twenty of them all sitting round the trig point having lunch. They were a rambling club from Kilmarnock.
I was intending having my lunch there but decided to go back over to one of the tops with the cairns and rested there.
So after lunch and a rest I was back re tracing my footsteps back along the broad boggy ridge back to the first cairn and back down the steep hill back to my starting point.
All in all a very pleasing way to spend a Sunday afternoon in early winter.
PS. I recorded a few bits of audio of my day today in the campsies which I hope to put together and creat a podcast with. So watch this space.











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Bidian Nam Bian

As I wont get out into the great outdoors until the weekend,I want to keep you interested @ Hillendhillwalker by sharing a few words of verse that I wrote a while back about one of my favourite hillwalking areas.

Proud and rapturous are my family of mountains,
Always inspiring.
Their sun kissed,boulder strewn slopes entice me
and invite me,
from the Lochs and the Rivers on the Moors and glens below.
They lure me, they entrap me, they delight me.

Dark and brooding are my family of mountains,
many are haunted
Their wind swept,thunder clapped peaks float upon a sea
of swirling mist
that smothers the sombre weeping glen below.
They wail, They scream, They kill
They sometimes scare me.

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Head of the Glen

In order to get my new hillwalking blog up and running and to keep any viewers of my blog interested enough to vist again. I will from time to time put up some old reports and pics of days on the hills and glens etc from previous years as well as my latest days out on the hills. Here is a report of an interesting day in Galloway from about three years ago.

I used to be a regular on the hills, climbing munros and the like but dodgy knees and a self inflicted weight gain have somewhat curtailed that for sometime and fly-fishing gradually became my number one pursuit. Now and again I still get away for a walk but nothing too strenuous these days because of the old knees. Anyway I digress here is a short report of a walk I enjoyed yesterday with two friends.
Yesterday morning It seemed strange not to include my fishing rod whilst loading my rucksack and boots etc into the back of my friend Alex’s car. We were soon on our travels picking up Willie from East Kilbride and then heading for Galloway that sometimes forgotten southwest corner of Scotland.
We parked in a lay-by at the Galloway Forest Park a few miles outside the village of New Galloway and decided to walk a five-mile route through bog, burns, hill, forestry, by lochs and waterfalls, strange eerie sculptures and monuments.
It was good to be out on the hill even though it was wet and misty and for a along section of the walk we were shin deep in bog. High lights of the walk were standing above the waterfalls, and the big cylindrical sculpture by the black loch but best of all was when we emerged down from the forest and came across numerous heads carved into the drystane dyke which must have taken untiring exertion and perseverence to establish the perfection of these stones. They looked very eerie in the low-lying mist. We were thoroughly soaked and tired when we finished our circular walk and after a quick change of clothes we headed for the village of St Johns town of Dalry for a few pints and a bite to eat before making the journey back to Lanarkshire.


The point



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